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Physiotherapy Functional Lines is the practice of the
Archipelbuurt in Den Haag/The Hague!

In our practice we work with a different vision on physiotherapy and manual therapy. Within this approach we do not only work on the symptoms, but we look for the real cause of the movement problem and the reason why the problem often recurs. Through this unique approach, the patient’s needs are met more quickly and preventive treatment is provided.

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We treat many international patients,
both with and without insurance!

The health insurers have confidence in our professionalism. This is why we have contracts with all Dutch health insurers. Besides insured care such as Cigna, we also treat patients without insurance. Our care is accessible both with and without a referral, so a visit to the doctor is not necessary.


19 reviews

“For years I have been coming to Ronald, since he has his own practice I travel to him. What especially appeals to me in his way of treatment, is that he looks at the total picture. Not only where the pain/injury is but Ronald looks beyond that, as a result the treatment always has a real effect.In addition, it is always sociable, Ronald takes his time for you and gives good exercises.”

“What a great physio! A nice and neat treatment and exercise room. Good treatments and the exercises he gave me are also perfect to do at home. This way we work together on recovery.”

“After a failed rehabilitation of my new knee with another physical therapist I came to Ronald. What the previous therapist had ruined, Ronald got right again within a few treatments.
I had to do some of it myself with homework exercises, but that actually made me feel good because it gave me more control over my own recovery.”

“Feeling different after treatment? Where life style and nutrition meet as part of the treatment for your complaint? Where other physical therapists could not help, Ronald Net helped me get rid of my knee and back problems. His approach is not traditional or standard but modern and refreshing. I have to travel a long way for it, but I am happy to do so. I can heartily recommend Ronald Net if you really want to say goodbye to your problem.”


120+ reviews


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We are also available outside our opening hours by email and phone.

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